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TO 2030

— SDGs x Net-Zero Action

Padang & Co supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Padang & Co story started with Singapore’s first major public hackathon, UP Singapore, in 2012. We are champions for Open Innovation, bringing people and organisations together to solve problems and develop opportunities. We create the environments for their creativity and innovation to emerge and flourish.


We enable the world's largest organisations to address Southeast Asia's challenges today and opportunities of tomorrow through collaborations with innovative, agile companies. To catalyse these collaborations at scale, we curate thematic communities under this Padang Innovation Ecosystem platform: Agriculture, Food, Smart(er) Cities, and Sustainability. This changes the way we innovate to drive sustainable growth, meet the global Sustainable Development Goals and achieve Net-Zero targets by 2030. 


By accelerating scalable, sustainable innovation, millions more people in the region are nourished, healthy, productive, and economically empowered.

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