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TO 2030

— SDGs x Net-Zero Action

Tuesday, 25 January 2022
5pm to 6:15pm (GMT+08)

In January 2020, Padang & Co launched “The Countdown to 2030”, pledging to make conversations about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) commonplace. By then, it was already clear that as a global community, we were off-pace in achieving the targets. And that was before COVID-19 sidetracked the conversation; more critically, the health crisis has turned into a human and economic crisis, further setting back our efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger.


We have less than 8 years to 2030.

At the same time, to keep warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, we have to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 — a target we are going to miss even with all the new Glasgow pledges.


How might we meet all the SDGs as we strive for Net Zero? Padang & Co will be exploring various aspects of this big question — from new foods and agricultural practices, to smarter infrastructure and management of water, energy and waste.


To kick off the series, we have invited some of the region's leading voices in sustainable growth to share their views and discuss:

  • Where are the areas of opportunity for businesses — from startups and scale-ups to large SMEs to multinational corporations? And risks?

  • What can businesses, particularly startups and scale-ups, do now? What role might they play in Singapore Green Plan 2030 and "30 by 30"?

  • Lastly, what role might Singapore play for Southeast Asia (and beyond)?


Anuj Maheshwari

Head of Agri-Food, Temasek

Elizabeth Hernandez

Head of External Affairs and Sustainability, Asia Pacific, Corteva Agriscience

Steven Melhuish

Founding Partner, Wavemaker Impact and Founder & CEO, PlanetRise

Adam Lyle

Executive Chairman, Padang & Co


Padang & Co supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Padang & Co story started with Singapore’s first major public hackathon, UP Singapore, in 2012. We are champions for Open Innovation, bringing people and organisations together to solve problems and develop opportunities. We create the environments for their creativity and innovation to emerge and flourish.


We enable the world's largest organisations to address Southeast Asia's challenges today and opportunities of tomorrow through collaborations with innovative, agile companies. To catalyse these collaborations at scale, we curate thematic communities under this Padang Innovation Ecosystem platform: Agriculture, Food, Smart(er) Cities, and Sustainability. This changes the way we innovate to drive sustainable growth, meet the global Sustainable Development Goals and achieve Net-Zero targets by 2030. 


By accelerating scalable, sustainable innovation, millions more people in the region are nourished, healthy, productive, and economically empowered.

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